Welcome to our publishing house, Il Sextante, page! We’ll talk to you a little bit about us with the same enthusiasm we have in collaborating, networking and befriend each of you readers, writers and communication operators.

Among our publications, we boast the biannual magazine L’Eco delle Dolomiti (Dolomites’ Echo), the only international paper journal in three languages, that was also distributed to 50 nations, during the Winter Universiadi 2013.

We have edited books for children and schools in agreement with the Paris OEP, translated into various languages to encourage multilingualism. We have also organised international conferences, set up exhibitions, and grouped together over 30 artists from different European countries, with particular interest to awareness initiatives towards women’s issues.

During the last two years, with the opening of the local branch in Rome, we took part to various international events and congresses, where we were able to introduce our publications.

In April 2014, at the II International Conference Gender and Communication, our CEO and Founder Mariapia Ciaghi presented a report entitled “Telling the truth about Media and gender equality”.

We helped organising the exhibition of the Argentine artist Ana Erra De Guevara, set up for the Congress on rape, held in Seville from 22 to 24 May 2014 in memory of Franca Rame. In September 2014, we participated in the Congress “Las otras. Experiencia de mujeres en un mundo interconectado”, promoted by the University of Seville with the screening and presentation of a documentary made in Cuba in 1995, on “Trovadoras cubanas: Hilda Santana and Gina del Valle”.

We have started, in collaboration with Editorial Eduvim of the Argentine province of Cordob, the Viento Sur editorial series for the diffusion, in Italian and English, of writers of contemporary Argentina.
We have also edited and published the book “La Maternità masculina” by the Spanish author Juan Carlos Suarez Villegas: in Italian “La Maternità Maschile” and in English “Male Maternity”. The book was also presented at the International Women’s Home in Rome, in Madrid (X Congreso Internacional Ausencias: Escritoras en los márgenes de la cultura) and at Palazzo Trentini, in conjunction with the Festival of Economics, with interesting reflections on the social roles of men and women.

We have collaborated with the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville, to research the Ethics of on-line journalism in three countries: Belgium, Spain and Italy, editing the results. The same ones were then presented to the students of the Faculty of Communication of the Sapienza University of Rome and distributed to the public in March 2015 at the library of Villa Leopardi in Rome.

We promoted the cultural lighthouses in the XI Festival dei Teatri d’Arte Mediterranei di Formia (Festival of Mediterranean Theatres of Art in Formia) with the Italian edition of the dramatic monologue “Medea a Camariñas” by the author Andrés Pociña. The work was then promoted by us at the Festival of Formia (August 2015) and Castello del Buonconsiglio of Trento (October 2015) with the participation of the author and a conference on the relevance of the classic myth.

In December 2015 we participated in the XII Congreso Internacional of the Grupo de Investigación Escritoras y Escrituras, “Locas. Escritoras y personajes femeninos cuestionando las normas” of the University of Integrated Philology of Seville at which we published the book “Huellas femeninas sin fronteras- Women’s Impression without Borders” in the double Spanish-Italian version.
In March 2016 we promoted and organised the International Conference “The emancipation of women in institutions and society”, in Trento.
In June 2016 we participated in La Carta: I Congreso Internacional de La Facultad de Filosofía y Letras Universidad de Granada with a conference on “Cartas ineditas del Che Guevara“.
In August 2016 (Formia 19-21-08) we participated in the XII edition of the Festival dei Teatri d’Arte Mediterranei, with the Italian edition of the drama “Twilight in Mytilene” by the author Andrés Pociña, staged in March 2018 at the San Marco Theater of Trento.

We have kept the story of the writer and essayist Matteo Tuveri, titled “Pioggia Inversa. Storia del Diavolo e di un precario“(Inverse rain. History of the Devil and a precarious individual) as an editorial baptism”. The book, which has received an excellent welcome from readers and critics of European framework, uses illustrations taken from paintings by Antony Fachin.

From December 2016 we have been publishing the quarterly Eudonna Magazine.

We won the fifth edition of the “Premio Idea innovativa, la nuova imprenditorialità al femminile” (An Award for Innovative Idea and new female entrepreneurship) of the Rome Chamber of Commerce.

In 2017 we presented at the XIII Ed, the Italian edition of the work “Antigone di fronte ai giudici” (Antigone in front of the judges), by the author Andrés Pociña. Festival dei Teatri d’Arte Mediterranei (Festival of Mediterranean Art Theatres).
From 2017 to 2018 we organised more than a dozen exhibitions and five international congresses, as well as four theatrical performances and two dramatised theatre plays, published by Il Sextante, which “Resa dei conti” by A. Pociña, is part of. We celebrated the 150th Anniversary G. Rossini’s death, with a double musical and exhibition event.

We have promoted and collaborated with research institutions, universities and Italian and foreign associations. We collaborate with Spazio Tadini in Milan, Rogers Station in Trieste, the AFRO Foundation in Rome and MICRO – Review of contemporary visual arts in Rome. We promote and collaborate with Fulber Creazioni, for the promotion of children and young adult books.